Comments from a recent presentation on EI to a group of women attorneys at Hill Wallack LLP, Attorneys at Law:

“Georganne was helpful in showing the importance of self-awareness in the workplace."

“It was helpful to learn as to how others deal with triggers that I may experience on my own. It really helped me gain some insight as to how I may deal with these types of situations in the future.”

“I thought it was interesting to think of our job path as attorneys in a different light and using various EI skills.”

“One of the most useful skills I took away from the seminar was thinking about triggers that others may have in interactions in both my professional and personal life and how to approach situations differently based on these emotional intelligence traits (or lack thereof).”

“I thought Georganne did a fantastic job encouraging participation among the group. She is a great facilitator.” 

“The subject matter was relevant and explained clearly, and there was ample opportunity for the group to be engaged.”

“I would definitely recommend Georganne in the future and appreciate the time she gave us.”

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I would be happy to speak to your group on any of the following topics:

  • Retention Strategies Increase Profits
  • Emotional Intelligence Plays a Key Role in New Clients/Customers
  • Time Management Challenges
  • Leadership Performance Driven Thinking
  • Work Life Balance
  • The 'So What?' Mindset and Selling with a Noble Purpose
  • Team Building and Employee Engagement

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"Georganne is a credible, polished, professional speaker. Her talks on “Client Retention” and “The ‘So What?’ Mindset” are loaded with practical advice to help business owners improve their marketing and sales efforts. Georganne is cool under fire. At one of her talks, not only did the venue forget to provide the projector for her power point presentation, she had to cut her talk short by 25% on a moment’s notice when the business meeting got off schedule. Georganne overcame all challenges without batting an eyelash!"

~ Bill Sheffer, Vice President/Business Development at The First National Bank of Newtown 

"Your presentation, "Discovering Your Why" was very informative, thought provoking and well received by the group (as was evident from the numerous follow-up questions). Thank you!" 
~ Blanche Gottel - Owner at The Plant Lady of Bucks County LLC
"Georganne, it was a pleasure meeting you at the Chamber’s BBC breakfast meeting at Brian’s Harley Davidson. We were fortunate to have you as our guest speaker today!

I can tell if a speaker is well-received just by looking over the crowd and today, you had everyone’s rapt attention. You were passionate and engaging and I thank you for bringing a program of value to our membership.

~ Best regards, Kath


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