Comments from a recent presentation on EI to a group of women attorneys at Hill Wallack LLP, Attorneys at Law:

“Georganne was helpful in showing the importance of self-awareness in the workplace."

“It was helpful to learn as to how others deal with triggers that I may experience on my own. It really helped me gain some insight as to how I may deal with these types of situations in the future.”

“I thought it was interesting to think of our job path as attorneys in a different light and using various EI skills.”

“One of the most useful skills I took away from the seminar was thinking about triggers that others may have in interactions in both my professional and personal life and how to approach situations differently based on these emotional intelligence traits (or lack thereof).”

“I thought Georganne did a fantastic job encouraging participation among the group. She is a great facilitator.” 

“The subject matter was relevant and explained clearly, and there was ample opportunity for the group to be engaged.”

“I would definitely recommend Georganne in the future and appreciate the time she gave us.”

"What I have gained most through coaching is structure. I don't stress over making the right decisions because I am being guided by a professional. I have gained a lot of self-confidence. I'm a 'shiny pebble person'. Everything sounds like a good idea to me. But Georganne helps me choose which investments will work best for my budget and my business. She has also expanded my thinking about networking. A very valuable exercise I completed showed me my patterns of behavior related to growing my business. 
Georgeanne will suggest something and I think 'why didn't I think of that?' And other times I think 'I never would have thought of that!'"

~ Bobbie Burkhart

"I have now been to two of Georganne Ford's presentations and have enjoyed them both and the last one titled “Developing Emotional Intelligence for Business and Sales Success“ was extremely informative and educational. I have been in the commercial real estate sales field for over 40 years and in my career attended many seminars/workshops and these given by Georganne and on the top of my list. 

Georganne is very engaging and has an outstanding personality. She was able to create a nice atmosphere among the attendees and we all found it to be very entertaining and motivational.

I would highly recommend you condsider hiring Georganne for any sales training presentations and or coaching in all facets of your business."

~ Russ Menk
Principal Partner, Arrow Real Estate Services

Doylestown,  PA

"Georganne Ford is hands-down the best facilitator I have ever encountered. The mastermind group that she led, helped to move me forward not only in my business, but in my personal life. She stretched me to think outside of the box. During the time I worked with her in the mastermind group my business increased, I added a part-time job to my schedule in addition to my business, and I was freed from my limiting money conversation. I highly recommend Georganne as a business coach, a personal coach and as a facilitator. Her mastermind group is top notch. If you want to move forward, don't hesitate to utilize Georgeanne's extraordinary services. She is professional, has a high level of integrity, and comes from a wonderful business standpoint mixed with a whole lot of generosity and love."

~ Jane Stinson
Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Health Coach at Jane Stinson, LMT, CHC (Active Body Concepts)

"As a small business owner there are so many decisions and challenges we face every day. Many solo entrepreneurs are expected to do this and run every aspect of the business. I met Georganne a year ago after being in business almost 2 years. I realized after talking to her, that her experience and knowledge was exactly what I needed. Sometimes we are too close to a situation or event to see all views clearly. Georganne helps me to process and look at areas that I hadn't considered or realized were important. You wouldn't train for a Marathon or the Olympics without a coach. Why wouldn't anyone who has so much time, energy and money invested in their dream not hire Georganne to coach them to make those dreams a reality. Trust me, there are a lot of people out there that take a 2 week course or get a "certification" and think they are a "Business Coach" or "Consultant". Don't be fooled. Georganne is the real deal! Her experience and knowledge sets her apart!"

~ Gerry Christopher
Owner, Certified Oncology and Licensed Esthetician at Nu You Skin Care LLC

"Georganne has been the single biggest factor in developing and expanding my family-law mediation practice. She was able to identify areas of my marketing and networking strategies that were ineffective and focus on areas that became highly effective."

~ John G. Millett, JD
Alternate Dispute Resolution Expert for Divorce, Family & Business

"I decided to pursue a coach because my job after 18 years was cut. In the last few years, I had been working in a hostile environment and my self-esteem and self-confidence were ruined because of the way I was treated.

I hired Georganne Ford because I needed to heal emotionally while preparing for a job search. I did not have any concerns about hiring Georganne. I had met her and appreciated her concern for my well-being. She treated me with care and was sensitive to the feelings I was going through.

My work with Georganne definitely changed my life for the better. She helped me find my faith again and her genuine care about my well-being meant a lot to me.

I highly recommend Georganne as a life coach and career coach.

~ Petra Chesner Schlatter

"I cannot say enough about Georganne. She was able to help me focus on my ideal clients and showed me how I can best keep them top of mind. In a world of constant change and information overload Georganne helps you to stay focused and keep the channels of communication flowing with your clients without overwhelming them. Georganne, speaks from experience and understands the entrepreneur spirit and the many hats we wear on a daily basis."

~ Kim Cullen Black
Financial Advisor at Edward Jones

"Georganne is focused on helping clients make real changes in their business and obtain positive results! She's been successful in business and is now a great teacher and mentor. I highly recommend Georganne if you want your business to grow (careful what you wish for!)."

~ Doug Sce
M&D Group Inc

"Georganne was instrumental in helping me to grow my business this year. I had a baby and a pre-schooler, and wanted to keep my family a top priority, while also creating stability and growing the business. I was overwhelmed.

Finding Georganne was a great cornerstone to a successful year. We put fun activities at the top of the list, and then worked out how to maximize my working hours. I got clear on my brand and what I offer clients, and gave retention much more focus. I ended the year with 28% revenue growth, and I am poised to grow again this year!"

~ Jen Kline Clark, Publisher
Bucks County Coffee News


Since your workshop, "Book Yourself Solid", I have made two new sales, three new listings and two more possible sales in the works. I also have my first listing appointment tomorrow from my You Tube Video. The people saw it, liked it, and called me to come over to appraise their home.

I think both you and your course freed me up to let loose, and innovate. I plan to release another You Tube video soon with a song and a blog!"

~ Andy Potts
Remax Realty Services
Bensalem, PA

"While we personally do a tremendous amount of networking and freely share upcoming events with our current clients, Georganne's tip on 'Always Have Something To Invite People To' was a real eye-opener with regards to potential clients. We talk with them about the amount of networking we do and how we share upcoming events with our clients, but don't take that extra step in inviting them to join us at an event. We will now! By seeing our added value first hand, it will hopefully increase our sales."

~ Tom Balsamo, Publisher
   Coffee News

"Georganne Ford's workshop "Keep in Touch Strategy" was exactly what I needed. Finding ways to stay in touch with my clients and possibly more important, with my prospects whom I hope to be future clients, has always been something I need to do more of. Georganne's simple program and ideas for reaching out are easy to follow and will undoubtedly help me to grow my business by Keeping in Touch with my prospects more often and not missing that unique opportunity when they need something from me, by keeping my name in their thoughts more often. I look forward to working on this strategy in more depth going forward. THANKS GEORGANNE!"

~ Todd Hesbacher, Business Owner
   Home Run Office Products

"The best part of the workshop was you, and your gentle prodding to move me from no action to action!  I've implemented the 5 contacts per day and it has really motivated me and helped me get my funnel moving forward. Thanks again for all your help and thank you for working with me."

~ Frank Hueber
   Itex Philadelphia Barter LLC

"I was feeling stalled with my life in general and not really feeling very enthused about marketing my business, though I love what I do. I talked to several potential coaches and chose Georganne because I thought she listened well and really understood what I was grappling with. I’ve been very happy with the decision to work with her, because she’s helped me identify some of my core values, which in turn has given me the direction and renewed enthusiasm I was hoping for. I can’t recommend her highly enough."

~ Elizabeth Shehey, Washington, DC

"It was on January 9, 2014, the day that challenged me to launch a new start and strategy toward a more satisfying professional and personal life. It was the Keep In Touch Strategy Workshop Seminar hosted by Georganne Ford of By George Coaching.

This intimate and very inspiring gathering of business/career minded professionals offered a better, more effective approach towards maximizing growth and success through relationship building. I’m looking to see where the road of life will take me next on my personal and professional journey, which goes hand-in-hand.

Georganne was informative, engaging, warm and honest during her presentation. She certainly has me inspired to make many changes that will challenge and enhance my approach to life, which will enhance every other aspect of life in the business world.”

~ Rozanne Spiecker, Healthcare Credentialing Coordinator
   Publicis Touchpoint Solutions

"Georganne is a thoughtful and dedicated coach, committed to helping people improve their quality of life."

~ Lee Dastur, Coach at Clarifying Conversations

"I decided to have a coach because I was in transitional time in my life and being only 22 I had no idea what I was going to do with my future. I was in the process of moving, I didn't have a steady job or steady source of income, I also didn't know what I wanted for myself and that worried me. Some of my concerns with going into coaching were: Am I going to be comfortable talking to her?, Is she just going to tell me things that I've already heard a million times from others before?, Am I even going to learn anything?. Well, believe it or not, it was a great experience! Georganne is the nicest person to talk to, she was very easy going and gave me new perspectives on how I should look at things that effect the direction of my life. I learned to connect with myself on a personal level, find out what I really like and discover what I truly desired for my future. Since I now have this knowledge, I am able to put it to use in reaching my goals which I work toward every day." 

~ Jessica Money, Souderton PA

"Great talk today at the Greater Bucks County Chamber of Commerce Luncheon on CUSTOMER RETENTION STRATEGIES THAT CAN INCREASE PROFITS.  You definitely knocked it out of the park!

I loved all of the ideas you presented, as well as, some great takeaways from it.  Please put me on a list to follow up with the leadership sessions you are organizing and running.  I would love to get some knowledge and direction from you with your level of experience."

~ Matt Cherepanya, Director of Sales
Inverse Paradox
, Penndel, PA 19047

"I wanted to express my gratitude for putting together the Book Yourself Solid Training Workshop. It was amazing! 

I gained so much information and cannot wait to put it into action!  I will be in touch regarding 1:1 coaching sessions with us."

~ Debbie Geissel, Owner, Massage Envy Spa
Southampton, PA 


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